Book Club Discussion: Eight Hundred Grapes

Welcome to the Book Club discussion for Eight Hundred Grapes, by Laura Dave. Below is a list of discussion questions to get the conversation started. We are excited to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ve added our thoughts for each question as well. Feel free to answer all the questions, or pick and choose a few questions to discuss!

1. The one common denominator for the Ford siblings is love of their mother’s lasagna. Do you have a similar tradition in your family? What brings you together, no matter what?

Similar to the book, my family has always bonded over family dinners. Every night growing up everyone sat down to a home cooked meal free of distractions and talked to each other. Now that we’re older we have the same family dinners when everyone is in town!

2. How does forgiveness play into this story? Could you forgive Ben for hiding Maddie? Could you forgive Finn for kissing Margaret?

I don’t think I could forgive Ben for hiding Maddie. Asking Georgia to marry him should mean he’s asking her to be his partner in life. This means they should deal with conflicts together. A big secret like that would not be a good start to a marriage. When it comes to Finn, he is family so even though it may take some time, he should be forgiven. Forgiveness is part of being a family. With Ben, Georgia still has a choice.

3. Why is Jacob unexpectedly appealing to Georgia? Discuss their similarities, both in personality and life paths.

They are both following the path of their families. They have both tried to stray from the family legacy but ultimately end up right back where they never thought they wanted to be and realize it’s where they belong.

4. Ben takes full responsibility for lying, but Finn points out that Georgia wasn’t necessarily tuned in to her fiancé. Discuss whether there are two sides to every conflict, even when something seems black and white.

There are definitely two sides to every conflict but that doesn’t mean one can’t be more wrong or right than the other.

5. Do you think that Georgia will be happy running the vineyard and being with Jacob? Why or why not? What’s the biggest lesson she has learned?

Yes. When she moved away from the vineyard, she tried to create a life for herself that was the opposite of her life growing up. In the end, she realizes she’s not being true to herself and belongs back at the vineyard where she really wanted to be all along.

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Questions by: Hello Book Lover and Simon and Schuster

4 thoughts on “Book Club Discussion: Eight Hundred Grapes”

  1. I really liked the ending of this book! It was so satisfactory! I think she will like running the vineyard. The whole book made me wish I had a family farm in California.

  2. It was a book that was hard to put down. I feel forgiveness is easy but actions are hard to forget. I saw both sides of the situation and understood the reasons but if that was me would the ending have been different? I like that she ended up in the vineyard but I’m not sure the ending had her with Jacob. I don’t feel the ending was clear about that. Forgiveness is a funny thing.

  3. I think all families have differences within them. Each person is an individual with different thoughts and feelings. We all perceive things differently, which doesn’t make anyone particularly wrong or right unless it is black and white. The strength of a family is respecting each others views. You don’t have to agree. Also, realizing we all make mistakes and so therefore forgive. As long as someone is not intentionally trying to destroy you personally or it doesn’t happen over and over it is best to move on. Love and trust is the telling factor in all of this.

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