Book Club Discussion: Better Than Before

Welcome to the Book Club discussion for Better Than Before, by Gretchen Rubin. Below is a list of discussion questions to get the conversation started. We are excited to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ve added our thoughts for each question as well. Feel free to answer all the questions, or pick and choose a few questions to discuss!

1. If you could magically, effortlessly change a few habits, which habits would you pick? Why?

I would exercise regularly, meditate, remember to floss every day and wake up earlier. All these things are important to my overall health and also my ability to have a more productive day (besides flossing). They are also the habits that I struggle with the most!

2. Are you an Upholder, a Questioner, an Obliger, or a Rebel? Did the Four Tendencies help you gain a better understanding of your patterns of habit-formation?

I am an Upholder. I love to do lists, schedules and setting goals for myself. I learned more about other people’s habit formation than I think I did about my own. It helped me to realize not everyone is going to go about forming habits in the same way as me and I shouldn’t expect them to!

3. Have you ever found it easier to form a habit (for good or bad) when you were starting something new—when you were taking the first steps, when you had a clean slate?

Definitely! I’ve found the best time to start a new habit is when moving into a new place. Another great time for me is after coming back from a vacation. Taking advantage of a clean slate has really worked for me when starting new habits.

4. What are some of your treats—both healthy and unhealthy?

Naps, reading, browsing blogs, laying by the pool, organizing

Share your comments below!

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