Book Club Discussion: The Lake House

Welcome to the Book Club discussion for The Lake House, by Kate Morton. Below is a list of discussion questions to get the conversation started. We are excited to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ve added our thoughts for each question as well. Feel free to answer all the questions, or pick and choose a few questions to discuss!

1. The structure of this novel lies in recreating different time periods in Cornwall and London—in the early 1930s and in 2003. Do you feel that the author was successful in moving the reader between the historical and more contemporary times?

Yes! It was surprisingly easy to move between the time periods throughout the novel. It was interesting to have some of the characters from the 1930s be a part of the 2003 story line as well and to see how their thinking and personalities changed over such a chunk of time.

2. Mysteries, twists, family secrets, carefully placed red herrings, and unexpected revelations are now compelling traditions in Kate Morton’s novels. What parts of the novel were key to your enjoyment of the story?

I loved how the house was basically a main character in the novel and held a lot of the family secrets. Once the house was reopened, so was the mystery. I also enjoyed learning about Eleanor’s past and her younger years and how that intertwined with the mystery and Alice’s perception of her mother.

3. After Sadie stumbles upon Loeanneth, she’s drawn to it, returning daily and “no matter which way she headed out on her morning run, she always ended up in the overgrown garden.” (p. 135) What is it about Loeanneth that intrigues Sadie? Why do you think she dives head first into solving the mysteries of the estate?

I think Loeanneth starts out as a refuge from everything going wrong in Sadie’s life and also as an escape from confronting her grandfather about why she’s really visitng. Before she knows anything about the place, she is drawn in by it’s almost magical qualities much like the family that lived there before. After she discovers the mystery of the place it only makes sense that she would use her unwanted time off and detective skills to dive in and distract herself.

4. The main female characters, Sadie, Alice, and Eleanor are all strong women with flaws. Is this the way you saw them? Did their imperfections allow you to identify or sympathize with one more than another? If so, why do you think that was?

I didn’t particularly identify or sympathize with any of the women in particular so I’m curious to see what other people think on this one!

5. What did you think of Eleanor when you first encountered her? Did your feelings about her change? In what ways and why?

At first I didn’t think much about Eleanor when she was first introduced. She didn’t seem like she was going to be a prominent

Questions from Simon and Schuster

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