Book Club Discussion: The Silent Sister

Welcome to the Book Club discussion for The Silent Sister, by Diane Chamberlain. Below is a list of discussion questions to get the conversation started. We are excited to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ve added our thoughts for each question as well. Feel free to answer all the questions, or pick and choose a few questions to discuss!

1. What did you think of Jeannie? Did you feelings towards her as a character change over the course of the novel?

I despised Jeannie at the beginning of the novel and thought that Riley was way too lenient with her and Christine’s intrusion, despite her being overwhelmed by the task. By the end of the novel I had warmed to her and appreciated that she tried to shield Riley from everything, though I think it was better off that she found out the truth.

2. How did you react to Danny’s vehement desire to see Lisa arrested? Did your understanding or reaction change as the story unfolded?

I understood Danny’s anger towards Lisa, especially since he was old enough to sense the deceptions going on within his own family, despite not understanding the extent of the lies. He certainly seemed to be most affected by what happened and took it quite personally. I never felt he was out of line in his reactions, but was glad when he decided not to go to the police.

3.  While Riley is looking for the truth about her family she isn’t always sure that she will reach out to Lisa if she is able to find her. What do you see as the turning point in her search when she makes a firm decision to contact Lisa?

It seemed that when she speaks to Grady and hears that Jade was “A great girl.” is a major turning point, but the tipping point was when she found out the truth about her relation to Jade/Lisa. Having lost most of her family, she is desperate to make familial links having just lost her father.

4. Spoiler Alert! The truth was revealed in small doses as the novel moved forward. Did you suspect the secrets relating to Riley’s history?

I guessed that Lisa had been raped by the violin instructor and was probably pregnant during the gap in her violin instruction early on, but for some reason I never ever made the jump to Riley being her daughter! I was surprised as anyone when it was revealed.

5. How did you react to Riley’s decision to move to Seattle and maintain the lie about her and Jade’s history?

I understood Riley’s compulsion to want know her mother. After finding out the real story of her parentage origins and what happened the day of the murder she decided she could live with it and move forward without blame. So much time had passed this seemed like a logical choice.

Questions from Hello Book Lover and the author’s website.



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