Discussion Questions: Hello Sunshine

Welcome to the Book Club discussion for Hello Sunshine by Laura Dave. Below is a list of discussion questions to get the conversation started. We are excited to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. Feel free to answer all the questions, or pick and choose a few questions to discuss!

  • In chapter 1, Sunshine confides in the reader that she keeps score on the ways Danny’s beauty compared to hers. In what ways are we all tempted to “keep score” of the goings on around us?
  • Chapter 20 opens with Sunshine suggesting that readers may expect this to be a story about a woman realizing that her childhood home is where she always belonged. Were you expecting the narrative to turn out that way? Were you expecting to be called out on that assumption by the narrator? What did you think of that challenge to your own narrative expectations?
  • Sunshine and Rain have a fraught relationship; why do you think the author chose to make them contentious instead of using a “loving long-lost sister” trope?
  • Ethan brings a lot of clarity to Sunshine’s life, especially his thoughts on the word “curate.” Were you rooting for them to connect romantically? Or were you hoping Danny would forgive Sunshine and welcome her home?
  • Where you pleased with the novel’s resolution? Did it align with your expectations or hopes for Sunshine when you started reading?

Questions from publisher

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Book Reveal: Hello, Sunshine

We are excited to announce the second book option for the July “Here Comes the Sun” box: Hello, Sunshine by Laura Dave!

Sunshine Mackenzie has it all…until her secrets come to light.
Sunshine Mackenzie is living the dream—she’s a culinary star with millions of fans, a line of #1 bestselling cookbooks, and a devoted husband happy to support her every endeavor.

And then she gets hacked.

When Sunshine’s secrets are revealed, her fall from grace is catastrophic. She loses the husband, her show, the fans, and her apartment. She’s forced to return to the childhood home—and the estranged sister—she’s tried hard to forget. But what Sunshine does amid the ashes of her own destruction may well save her life.

In a world where celebrity is a careful construct, Hello, Sunshine is a compelling, funny, and evocative novel about what it means to live an authentic life in an inauthentic age.

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Book Club Discussion: Eight Hundred Grapes

Welcome to the Book Club discussion for Eight Hundred Grapes, by Laura Dave. Below is a list of discussion questions to get the conversation started. We are excited to hear your thoughts in the comments section below. We’ve added our thoughts for each question as well. Feel free to answer all the questions, or pick and choose a few questions to discuss!

1. The one common denominator for the Ford siblings is love of their mother’s lasagna. Do you have a similar tradition in your family? What brings you together, no matter what?

Similar to the book, my family has always bonded over family dinners. Every night growing up everyone sat down to a home cooked meal free of distractions and talked to each other. Now that we’re older we have the same family dinners when everyone is in town!

2. How does forgiveness play into this story? Could you forgive Ben for hiding Maddie? Could you forgive Finn for kissing Margaret?

I don’t think I could forgive Ben for hiding Maddie. Asking Georgia to marry him should mean he’s asking her to be his partner in life. This means they should deal with conflicts together. A big secret like that would not be a good start to a marriage. When it comes to Finn, he is family so even though it may take some time, he should be forgiven. Forgiveness is part of being a family. With Ben, Georgia still has a choice.

3. Why is Jacob unexpectedly appealing to Georgia? Discuss their similarities, both in personality and life paths.

They are both following the path of their families. They have both tried to stray from the family legacy but ultimately end up right back where they never thought they wanted to be and realize it’s where they belong.

4. Ben takes full responsibility for lying, but Finn points out that Georgia wasn’t necessarily tuned in to her fiancé. Discuss whether there are two sides to every conflict, even when something seems black and white.

There are definitely two sides to every conflict but that doesn’t mean one can’t be more wrong or right than the other.

5. Do you think that Georgia will be happy running the vineyard and being with Jacob? Why or why not? What’s the biggest lesson she has learned?

Yes. When she moved away from the vineyard, she tried to create a life for herself that was the opposite of her life growing up. In the end, she realizes she’s not being true to herself and belongs back at the vineyard where she really wanted to be all along.

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Questions by: Hello Book Lover and Simon and Schuster